For Restaurant Owners

Dear Restauranteurs, hand washing reminder signs in the bathroom are no longer good enough. Because of FDA studies, everyone knows that half of your employees are ignoring them. There is finally a solution to the hand washing problem for restaurants. The Clean Hands system allows you to monitor who is and is not washing their hands regularly and where, for just $1000 down and $159/mo for 48 months.

We know you are busy providing¬† quality product to your customers, so the Clean Hands system takes very little of your time. At this price and low time investment, the question is really simply “Do you care about employee hand washing?”

In the 1990s an E.¬† Coli outbreak cost Jack-in-the-Box something like $90 million. Perhaps some other questions might be “Do you care about your customers health?” or “Do you care about losing everything in the event of a food-bourne illness¬† outbreak?” If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, give us a call today.