Poor Hand Washing Habits Spread Disease

More and more people are dining out these days as opposed to cooking at home. Regardless of their restaurant choice, customers expect safe food and a clean environment. Keeping everything clean – from utensils to food surfaces – is an obvious way to keep things sanitary, but the place where the most germs reside and where the most contamination occurs is on the hands of the people preparing and serving the food.

Infected restaurant employees who practice poor personal hygiene are identified as the leading contributing factors to foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants. Just because food worker’s hands look and feel clean doesn’t mean they don’t have microorganisms on them. Hands are the most exposed part of the body to germs. Proper hand washing can prevent the spread of everything from the common cold to H1N1 to Hepatitis C. Demonstrating the correct method of hand washing can help reduce the chances of contamination through food handling.

Employee health and personal hygiene is critical to protecting your customers and the success of your business. Would you like to run a cleaner, germ-free environment? If so, please contact the professionals at Clean Hands to learn about our advanced hand washing monitor. Visit us online and fill out a contact form for inquiries.